My Innovate ELT Video #iELT15

I was excited and overwhelmed to be presenting at Innovate ELT in Barcelona. It was a great opportunity to learn from a lot of the big names in ELT , but there was an element of panic too.

My talk was scheduled at the same time as Scott Thornbury, Sinéad Laffan and Nick Robinson from ELTjam, so I was nervous that there would be low attendance. However, the talk directly before mine was from Kieran Donaghy for which the room was full to the brim, and that’s how it stayed, Kieran included!

My talk centred around using video in the classroom and the creation of video on mobile devices to develop oral skills. The main points were:

  • The affordances of m-learning
  • The importance of action research for students
  • How to guide students to become reflective practitioners
  • The reflective cycle

Here is My Innovate ELT Video #iELT15

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