About Kat Robb

Educational technology is my passion, which fosters my on-going research into the development of intelligent language tutoring systems (ILTS). This is reflected in my approach to teaching and learning, which has witnessed an increasing shift in the direction of the use of digital tools.

My areas of ELT expertise teaching and teacher training include: Business English; EAP; Cambridge exams; and IELTS. My most recent articles can be found in the journals: Modern English Teacher and English Teaching Professional.

My field of research is robot assisted language learning (RALL). This includes investigations into the use of robots and autonomous systems to scaffold language learning, the affordances they offer, and in which specific contexts. I am equally intrigued by the affective effects of using autonomous robots for language learning, and the value human robot interaction (HRI). I am interested in the cognitive capacity of robots to respond in language-learning contexts, and how using robots enables us to gain a greater understanding of cognitive neuroscience and the language learning process. Current research focuses on the practical and theoretical perspectives of the benefits and pedagogical potential of using chatbot teachers in English language learning.