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Using video to develop oral presentation skills using mobile devices

Today I gave a workshop at Oxford Telf Barcelona about using video to develop oral presentation skills using mobile devices. It was a lot of fun and I learnt a lot from the teachers who attended. The great thing about workshops for me, is sharing ideas and brainstorming ideas for new things to try in class.

An app a day! Day 7 – iTranslate Voice

indexAn incredible voice activated translation app that can be used to help with pronunciation, lexis and encouraging learners to experiment with learning English inside and outside the classroom.


Learners speak into their devices – iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, and the app provides an audio translation of what was said. There are 42 available languages. Some translations are not explicit as they could be but I still think it is an amazing app.


I have used iTranslate Voice in a grouped class race activity where I have boarded a couple of phrases in Spanish for students to translate into English and shout out once they think they have the correct answer. I then put jumbled phrases in English on the board for learners to order the by using iTranslate to hear the phrase in L1 to check what the correct order of the words should be.