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Clever ways of using mobile phones for learning

Mobile phone photo discussion

Ask your students to take a picture of something with their mobile phones in their own time outside class. The next time they come to class, they talk about their pictures in pairs / groups and discuss the reasons why they chose to take this particular picture, and their classmates can ask questions to find out more information.

You can set different picture taking tasks:

  • Something the students see on their journey between their homes and school
  • A scenery picture
  • A picture including people
  • A picture of something they have seen in a magazine or shop that they found interesting / curious
  • Something the students could not live without
  • Something the students don’t like
  • A meal / food dish

The possibilities are endless, and the task can be as short as long as you want, with extension possibilities including:

  • Short presentations
  • Students describing the picture for their classmates to draw
  • Students describing the object for their classmates to guess
  • Explaining how to make the recipe of a meal / dish (can be in the style of a cookery programme demonstration)

If you try this activity, let me know how it goes in the comments!